Halal Ramen and Beef Bowl at Naritaya Gion

Halal Ramen Naritaya Gion

During the Golden Week Holiday, I visited Gion in Kyoto. Gion is famously known as “Geisha district” located around Shijo Avenue between Yasaka Shrine in the east and the Kamo River in the west.

Halal Mentei Naritaya Gion

Halal Mentei Naritaya Gion

Walking around its neighborhood, you can easily find row of shops, restaurants and tea houses (ochaya). You will be mesmerized by the Gion’s classic architecture – a glimpse of exotic Japan. One of Gion’s attractions is its traditional wooden Machiya merchant houses – two-storey wooden old townhouses which create unique ambience to its landscape. However, some of the houses have been refurbished to adapt to current uses. My visit to Gion was to meet Maikos and take photo of them discreetly so that I did not bother them while they were working. After taking a walk around Gion, I decided to have lunch at Naritaya Halal Ramen Kyoto.