“Now we are able to buy many halal items”

Gyomu super near Nakamachidai station

Written by Mrs. Kamran

Leaving your country is always a tough choice, especially when you have moved to a country with different culture and language. I came to Japan 10 years ago, while my husband came 17 years ago. And I have two kids born here. Japan is now our second home. We have very beautiful memories, but also have some sad memories because as a Muslim I used to miss halal food (It doesn’t mean I don’t like Japanese food, I love it) As for my husband, he used to eat only limited food when he came to Japan since he was not sure about the ingredients, if it’s halal or not.

When we were in Tokyo, there was a Pakistani restaurant. We often went there and enjoyed our meal. But it wasn’t a big issue because we can always have a second choice like sea food (love Japanese fish and rice… yummy ;)).

However when I wanted to cook at home, it was always difficult to find halal sauces, even in “Konibini” (namely convenience stores. More than 50,000 convenience stores, known as konbini, can be found across Japan). You hardly find anything halal there. I remembered when my son was just 2 years old and I had to take back a pack of jelly from him and convinced him we can’t eat this since it contains gelatin (Gelatin is very commonly used in Japan, often in products you might not expect such as yogurt, curry (all brands except one), and lots of cakes and pastries.) There were many such sad memories where I had to stop my son, which really made me felt bad.

Gyomu super near Nakamachidai station

Gyomu super near Nakamachidai station

Well, that’s the thing of past, and now yes you hear it right. 🙂 Nowadays, Japan has become more Muslim friendly and we are able to buy many halal items. Gyomu super (Supermarket for retailer) is one of them they offer halal items like parathas, sauces nuggets etc. If you live in Yokohama city, Kanagawa Tsuzuki district, you can find Gyomu super near Nakamachidai station.

In the end, I simply love this country. You can practice your religion here, wear what you want to wear. In addition, we have masjid here. Moreover, if you are not sure about the ingredients you can simply ask anyone in the stores, and they will help you out. I think, Japanese are hard workers and honesty is in their blood.