Halal takoyaki party was held at Kappou Yama.

Kappou Yama is a halal certified restaurant.
Halal Kitchen of Halal Japanese Restaurant “Kappou YAMA”

Takoyaki is ordinarily made by using pork extract and alcohol component for dashi (sweet sake called “mirin” used for seasoning), sauce and mayonnaise, for this occasion, it was made without using any of these ingredients.

Of course, Muslim person is making takoyaki!!
Participants made and ate their own takoyaki under the instruction of Kappou Yama Chef. Many people said it was their first time eating takoyaki.
Aside from takoyaki, the participants ate yakitori, okonomiyaki, tempura, etc., but since everyone became so full, they took a lot of left overs home in a take-out bag. Everyone was fully satisfied with the event.

■Ingredients (about 25 pieces)
<Takoyaki liquid>
Flour, egg, water (860cc)
White additive-free dashi called “shiawase” made by specialized dashi maker (40cc)

Octopus (half of leg), tempura crumbs, cabbage

Shaved dried bonito, green dried seaweed, mayonnaise , Takahashi Sauce
Country Harvest Chuno Sauce (sauce with mid-level thickness) 300ml
Takoyaki oven called “Iwatani Cassette Grill Takoyakiki”

How to make a halal takoyaki?

  1. Mix all of the takoyaki liquid ingredients together. Make sure to mix them thoroughly so that there aren’t any uneven chunks.
  2. Cut octopus in small chunks. (about the size of the first joint of the finger)
  3. Finely chop the cabbage
  4. Pour takoyaki liquid almost to the point of it overflowing from the takoyaki oven
  5. Place octopus one by one to each takoyaki ball
  6. Pour cabbage, tempura crumbs evenly across all of the takoyaki balls
  7. Flip each takoyaki ball without disfiguring the ball shape
  8. Check the degree of burning often
  9. Remove takoyaki balls on to the plate when the surface of each balls are looking lightly brown here and there.
  10. After you pour the sauce, mayonnaise, green dried seaweed and shaved dried bonito, takoyaki is ready to be served!