For this article, we visited a restaurant called “GANKO FOOD” that actively provides halal washoku in Japan, and did a cover on their kitchen.

Based on the restaurant’s strong desire for people from around the world to be able to enjoy Japan’s pride-and-joy “Washoku” (which is also registered as world heritage), they’ve decided to prepare an arrangement that can correspond to Muslim customers. The restaurant can be regarded as being fully equipped with thorough halal correspondence, since its halal ingredients are obtained through a distribution channel that is also exclusive to halal. They received the halal certification from the mosque in Kyoto. If you ever get a chance to visit Japan, please come by GANKO FOOD and enjoy their delicious washoku.

*Staffs with yellow apron are halal professionals, and they do not come and go between the halal kitchen and other kitchen.
*The restaurant provides worship space, mattress and compass.

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■Non-pork/non-alcohol correspondence is available at all of the stores.

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