Kyoto University is regarded as one of the top level universities in Japan.

Starting from 2005, Kyoto University has been providing meals that uses halal chicken at its cafeteria inside the campus. About 200 ~ 250 meals are being sold on daily basis which accounts for about 10% of the total sales. Since the university student association executed the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with the Kyoto mosque, the university is receiving various support systems such as inspection on halal certification/cookware/etc., and supplier recommendation, etc.

Cookware such as tong, etc. are also being separated, since halal ingredients and other ingredients must be deep fried in separate oil when serving halal meal. However, it must be noted that both of the menu are coexisting with alcohol and pork menu. Since the restaurant is open to the general public, you will encounter a wonderful environment where a mixture of none-Muslim students and other regular people are eating halal menu together in satisfying their quest toward a delicious food. We’ve been told that recently, other university cafeteria supervisors who are considering to implement halal menu have been coming to this cafeteria for a tour.

Currently, there are about 70 Muslim foreign students enrolled in Kyoto University, and the number goes up to about 150 for the entire city of Kyoto. Although the demand for halal is expected to increase due to the future increase in the number of Muslim foreign students from countries like Indonesia, we heard many people saying “so far, the cafeteria only offers 2 types of halal food which are halal chicken and kebab. Even though we are happy about being able to eat halal food, we would like to see more variety in the menu”. The university staff told us that they are going to make initiative to correspond to such needs.