The second Halal Market Fair was held sequentially last year for three days from April 15th at Tokyo Big sight. This fair was held as a part of FABEX-The World Food And Beverage Great Expo 2015, which is a general trade fair of food ingredients, and although its scale was small, configured from 40 companies and 34 booths, passionate business negotiation peculiar to fair trade was observed.
When we interviewed several companies that participated in the fair, we received a comment that, “Business is increasing with the JAPAN HALAL EXPO 2014 carried out in November of last year as a trigger. Most of such business is inbound domestic demand for hotels and restaurants. There is still no achievement overseas as an outbound, and we would like to focus on exportation in the future.”
Meanwhile, regarding foreign countries, MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND AGRO-BASED INDUSTRY MALAYSIA participated in the fair with 5 Malaysian companies, and was searching for Japanese companies capable of distributing packaged meat, ready-to-eat meals, cereals, and health foods.
Exhibitors from Japan along with those participating from overseas were seeking for an opportunity to enter halal market in Japan on a full scale, and the exhibitor seemed to have received enthusiastic responses.