Countdown of days to Halal Expo Japan.


There is only two months left until the HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2016!!

Thanks to the all your support, we have the most ever exhibitors, as well as main features such as seminars by
special guests, fashion shows, etc.

Fashion show

List of exhibitors (Updated

List of supporting agencies and organizations

(For this year, we will hold the exbition with proper cooperation from the administration)

Further, we are looking for supporters to support the EXPO!

Please contact us if you are a company interested in:

-Distrbuting products at the EXPO
-Would like to operate and manage the EXPO from this year and beyond
-Would like to appeal to visitors in a way that is different from normal exhibitions

We can discuss on what can be done depending on your budget.
*We will provide details to participating exhibitors at the explanatory meeting on September 21st. (Address to Yokoyama or Shugo)

Let’s all of us together bring excitement to the EXPO.
Kind regards and thank you in advance for your continued support.

EXPO 大盛況