Let’s try to use Coin Locker.

Written by Hafizah Khusni San

Travelling can be troublesome if you bring many luggage together with you. With itinerary to fulfil, hopping from place to place with bulky luggage is something that we are not favored of.
Japan being a convenient country, normally you can find coin lockers at airports, train stations and subway stations to solve this problem. Some tourist attractions also provides you coin locker to make sure tourists can travel with ease. The concept is actually the same with lockers found at swimming pool or schools around the world. The coin lockers will rarely got pried by someone else so you can feel secure enough to store your belongings, contrary to how you feel when travelling in other country.
Most of the coin lockers in Japan use 100 yen coins to pay the fee so always keeping 100 yen coins with you is convenient if you are a frequent coin locker user. However, some of the latest model are equipped by electronic payment method, such as Suica or Pasmo.