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Written by AM Project

▼The fusion of Islam culture and Japanese tradition

Kyoto Nishijin brocade is a traditional Japanese silk fabric with more than 1000 years of history. It was cherished by men in power at the time as very high quality fabric, and there were times when only people of high class such as aristocracy and emperor could own them.

Among Nishijin brocades, “gold brocade (kinran)” is made by weaving in gold foils and gold threads, and is a very valuable product made by the skills of many artisans.
Kyoto Nishijin brocade prayer mats are not just a prayer mat made in Japan, but is a new form of beauty created by combining Islam culture and Japanese tradition.

It can be used as a mat for praying, for hosting important customers from Islam countries, as a gift, or luxury souvenir for Muslims visiting Japan.

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▼Add elegance to your daily life with Kyoto Tumbler

In Japan, Nishijin brocade has been mainly used for kimono and sashes. However, sadly, Nishijin brocade is too expensive for use, and is only used in limited occasions. The Tumbler was born from the idea of using Nishijin brocade for tumblers, which is used daily, in order to have more people know about its beauty.

Particularly, the gold brocade tumblers is very gorgeous and is sure to attract the attention of many people. We hope that the magnificence of Nishijin brocade will spread to the world by having many customers bringing back to their own countries and using it every day.

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▼AM Project: To have Muslims enjoy their stay in Japan

AM refers to A (accept) M (muslim) Project. We sell prayer merchandise to Japanese companies so Muslims that travelled a long way to visit Japan can have a comfortable stay. We generally sell products sent from Turkey and Indonesia, but we are also putting effort into providing Japanese traditional Nishijin brocade prayer mats mentioned earlier and qibla compass made in Japan, as well as hanging scrolls made for Muslims. We believe that these products can be used for welcoming and hosting Muslims travelling to Japan.

▼Message to Muslims – For promotion of mutual understanding

Currently, in Japan, there are no stores that sell prayer merchandises that you can find anywhere in Islam countries. We will do our best to provide at least the minimum number of necessary items such that each business in Japan can start preparing an environment for praying as smoothly as possible.
We are very honored that people still visit Japan regardless of the limited number of prayer spaces and food that can be eaten.
I was blessed with the chance of visiting several Islam countries as a tour conductor and getting to know the Islam culture. We must also not forget that Arabic alphabets and Islam designs are familiar to the Japanese due to influence from the art and culture brought from Islam via the silk road. We will be working hard in the belief that many Japanese people will become interested in Islam countries, leading to elimination of prejudice, that more new products like Nishijin brocade prayer mats will be produced, as well as to satisfy our customers.

▪️AM Project 
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