New prayer space in Asahikawa,Hokkaido

Do you know about Asahikawa in Hokkaido?
Asahikawa is approximately one and a half hours away from Hokkaido by train and is the center of tourist spot with famous cities such as Furano and Biei. There are many famous tourist attractions beside the magnificent nature, such as Asahikawa zoo, which is the biggest zoo in Japan and is attracting many tourists every year.
Asahikawa-city information
Asahiyama-zoo information


A prayer space is now available at the third floor of Asahikawa airport, which is the doorway to Asahikawa.
Further, Muslim-friendly menus are now available at the restaurant called Tiffany, and established a system to welcome Muslim customers. Why not visit Asahikawa when you are in Hokkaido? Magnificent nature and delicious food is waiting for you!

Asahikawa prayers1
Asahikawa prayers2
Asahikawa prayers3
Asahikawa prayers4

*Currently, there are only two types of menus, as shown below.
*They will be served in a separate dish.

Asahikawa halal food
Asahikawa halal food3
Asahikawa halal food2
Asahikawa halal food4

Tourist information


Asahikawa Airport

Address 16-98, Higashi2-sen, Higashikagura-cho Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido, 071-1562, Japan
Phone 0166-83-3939

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