MAPLE INN MAKUHARI, a hotel in Chiba started Muslim-friendly services and interactive services

At approximately one hour away from Haneda airport and Natita airport, MAPLE INN MAKUHARI is located near the station, only 3 minutes walk from “Makuhari Hongo” station. Further, there are many fixed-route buses available, and is approximately 10 minutes away from JR Keio-line “Kaihin Makuhari” station and approximately 15 minutes away from Makuhari Messe. Suitable accommodations are available as venues for meetings and job training.

This hotel, Maple Inn Makuhari, started Muslim-friendly services. We interviewed the person in charge of the hotel regarding their commitments.

What made us start Muslim-friendly services

Muslim travelers are increasing annually and more Muslims are expected to visit Japan during the Tokyo Olympics. As a hotel in Makuhari, which is a venue for some sports, we felt that preparing to welcome Muslim customer is required from an early stage, and so decided to start the services.

Detail of services

■Although there are no mats available for rental at the hotel, Qibla mark is available in some places.

■Muslim-friendly breakfast is ready
Rice, soup, stewed vegetable, grilled fish, nuggets, sausage, etc.
*HALAL-certified soy sauce, nuggets, and sausage are used.

Devices, difficulties experienced

I was surprised to find that many products unexpectedly contain pork and alcohol, and am having a hard time selecting food ingredients to offer customers. When I feel doubtful, I try to check the product standard documentation soon as possible.

“ALCOHOL” is labelled on the alcohol drinks

Message to Muslims

We would like to help customers enjoy a comfortable stay in Japan. We also have paid plans such as Futomaki and Soba making experiences for Muslims ready. Why not make it a part of your memories of the trip? (reservation is required)
All our staffs are waiting for your visit.

List of other experience menus

■Futomaki sushi making experience

Reservation is required at least 10 days in advance
Cost: 2,000 yen (tax not included)
Futomaki sushi making experience (served along with tempura for dinner)
Group of 5 to 24 people

■Soba making experience
Reservation is required at least 10 days in advance
Cost: 3,000yen (tax not included)
Group of 4 to 10 people

■Aizome (indigo-dye) experience
Reservation is required at least 10 days in advance
Cost: 3,500yen (tax not included)
Group of 5 to 15 people

*Reservations for soba making and Aizome experience may not be available on certain days depending on the schedule teachers.


1-12-1, Makuharihongo, Hanamigawa-ku Chiba-shi, Chiba


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