HALAL-certified doctors skin care cosmetic product is now on sale!!

Send love to aged skin…
We provide basic skin care products made with the best ingredients to Muslim women worried about their aged skin with three simple steps.

It is a skin care line-up made with the best ingredients to supplement your skin with moisture, firmness, and smooth texture for Muslim women wishing to maintain youthful and beautiful skin.
Ingredients including “astaxanthin,” “fulleren,” “apple cultured cell extract,” “palmitoyl oligopeptide,” etc. help moisture and refine texture of the skin, thereby achieving resilient, smooth-textured skin.

We introduce to you HALAL-certified doctor cosmetics produced by beauty specialists made without using any alcohol or animal-derived ingredients.
The manufacturing of all ingredients including water, plants, as well as container, packages, and storage are all done in Japan. We provide you with safe Made-in-Japan quality products to restore your skin.

photo_"Generio" series

four unique elements

Traditional Japanese beauty “Red” Luxury HALAL-certified cosmetic Generio

The three products from “Generio” series including skin lotion, essence, and cream is a skin care brand that have acquired HALAL certification from Japan Islamic Trust.
HALAL-certified mark is given to these products, which are officially recognized as HALAL products.

They are HALAL-certified doctor cosmetics made without using any alcohol or animal-derived ingredients, which are prohibited by Islam beliefs.

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Generio product details

photo_Generio Lotion

Product name: Generio lotion EX http://www.generio.jp/lotion
Content: 120mL
Price: 4,000 yen (excluding tax)


Product name: Generio essence http://www.generio.jp/essence
Content: 30mL
Price: 5,000 yen (excluding tax)


Product name: Generio cream http://www.generio.jp/cream
Content: 50g
Price: 5,000 yen (excluding tax)

Made in Japan products for Muslim women seeking for the ultimate beauty

Generio cosmetic products will be available by on-line shopping (Online store, Rakuten store, and Yahoo store) as well as Muslim-friendly shops such as beauty salons and hotels.
Also, we plan on exporting products to Asia and Middle East area where there are many Islam followers.
We will do our best so our products can be used and loved by many people across the globe.

Information and Contact for Generio

[Generio cosmetic Japanese website]
[Generio cosmetic English website]

Company name: Hiro Japan K.K.
Name of person in charge: Nomachi
TEL: 048-430-7555
E-mail: nomachi@hiro-c.net
HP: http://www.hiro-japan.com/index.html