Antep Kebab at Jingumae(Shibuya)

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On a Friday on June went so slow that made me realized clearly that I was fasting. The stack of work that I had on that day kind of made me exhausted. Until one thing happened which was I was took a break and stumbling around the internet looking for some inspiration for an article that I work on until my husband shown me a delicious picture of a kebab bowl and he said “do you want kebab for iftar (breakfasting)?” of course I said yes!

I remember that there was a kebab cafe in Harajuku that I want to check in. What I saw before with this kebab cafe was it has so many Japanese customer and seems a favorite one. So, later that day 2 hours before iftar, we went to Shibuya to get some stuff we needed then continue walked to Harajuku.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the owner, Mustafa san, a Turkish who have been living in Tokyo for 4 years. He was so friendly to us, we told him that we want to iftar there, then I saw a big smile on his face. The cafe is small but feel enjoyable, there were about 6 high stools 3 table each with 2 seats outside. We chose to set inside because the wind was pretty uneasy that day. We ordered 3 meal fron the menu which was kebab rice, kebab sandwhich, and otumami kebab.

Kebab Rice

Kebab rice
Yep, I can’t help myself!

I order as set of kebab rice and drink, you could choose the drink with option of soda and ginger. I chose ginger. The taste of the kebab rice was so delicious! I still could remember the taste in my mouth. What makes it different with other kebab rice I ever eat is the juiciness of the meat. It was like the chicken meat is meant to melt in your mouth. The vegetables was perfectly suite the chicken taste which brought the balancing the taste in my tongue.

If any of you are a huge fan of a large portion meal, this menu is for you. The bowl was full and really packed. I observed that this menu is also favorite among the Japanese who visit the cafe. The price for a kebab rice only is 500 Yen and 750 Yen for a set with drink.

Kebab Sandwich

Kebab sandwich
Kebab sandwich

The kebab sandwich is also one of the favorite menu on the cafe. The fillings combination between the chicken meat, cabbage, and vegetables were so good. Again, the chicken was so juicy that will make you want to keep bite on in again. We ordered this with a drink set.

You can get one of this kebab sandwich for 450 Yen and 700 Yen with a drink.

Otsumami Kebab

Otumami kebab
Otumami kebab

This menu is totally new for us. We never had one in other kebab cafes, that is why we want to try it. When the plate was served to us, it was a plate filled with large chunks of chicken meat with some salad. For me, enjoying the meat juiciness, of course, it was like an extra meat! I was so happy when this menu is served. If you don’t want any bread or rice and just want to enjoy meat and vegetable, this menu is for you. The price to get one of this otumami kebab is 450 Yen.

For any one of you who is a kebab fan, I highly recommend this place. The food is halal and the owner is so friendly. The price that Antep Kebab offers to its customer is good. It’s not expensive! This kebab cafe is also vegetarian friendly.

Antep Kebab also have an instagram page which is You can have a look on their instagram to see a glimpse of the food they have.

Antep Kebab

3-22-4, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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