Let’s follow up on the Halal arare we introduced last month.


       First, Halal arare can now be purchased at Kaminarimon – Thunder Gate in Asakusa – , destination almost all visitors to Tokyo visit. To find the Halal arare, walk under Kaminarimon Thunder Gate along Nakamise-dori to “Hyobando“, the third building on the right hand side. “Tokyo nori (seaweed) arare” and “Tokyo red pepper arare” are on display together with a large Japanese Halal certification in the most prominent location. You can have a taste for free, so why not try these Japanese Halal-certified products when visiting this famous tourist attraction?


       Next, we are pleased to introduce the news that Halal arare can be eaten even before you arrive in Japan. All Nippon Airways (ANA) will serve “Tokyo nori (seaweed) arare” as part of their in-flight meal from March 1 of this year. It will first be available on Jakarta – Narita, Jakarta – Haneda, Delhi – Narita, and Mumbai – Narita flights before ANA gradually expands the service. ANA has partnered with Brahim’s Holdings, the world’s largest in-flight Halal meal manufacturer, to provide this service; expansion into Malaysia, the base of Brahim’s, and other routes is just a matter of time.