Visa Procedure

After our marriage accepted by both governments, now we have had to proceed visa. At that time, I had short term stay visa for 3 months and I had to change it into spouse visa (long term stay). To proceed it, I had to obtain Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) first. This certificate is required to proceed all kinds of long term stay visa. CoE is very important, even It is essential to say that CoE is the entrance to Japan.

It spent me about a month to proceed the marriage procedure as mentioned in Japan – Indonesia International Marriage Part 2 (Marriage Procedure) , plus it takes 1 to 3 months to obtain CoE. If I couldn’t obtain it in 2 months, my visa will be expired and I have to come back to Indonesia once, plus I heard that in most cases CoE will be obtained in 3rd months after application which made me very nervous in waiting for it. But, Allah opened the way, I obtained CoE in 1 month after application! Alhamdulillah!

Certificate of Eligibility
Certificate of Eligibility

The day after, I immediately went to immigration, bring all documents required and original of CoE to apply for spouse visa. It will take for 2 weeks to 1 month. At that time, it was already my 3rd months of stay and visa expiration date was right before my eyes, and also I heard that in most cases visa will be obtained in 1 month after application. However, if I couldn’t obtain visa in less than 3 weeks, I was afraid I have to go out from Japan. But, Allah is always right by our side, Allah opened the way again! I obtained visa (residence card) exactly 2 weeks after application. It was just like, miracle! Alhamdulillah!

Spouse visa (residence card)
Spouse visa (residence card)

Required documents for spouse visa application

Required documents for spouse visa(In Japanese)
There is also English version of this guide but I recommend to check thoroughly from the Japanese version instead as it is much more accurate. Even just one document is incomplete, you have to prepare and submit it again which will take much more time.


According to link above, you will need official documents such as family register from spouse (Japanese) which mention applicant (foreigner) name, taxation of residence tax, Juminhyo (residence registry), wedding registry from Embassy etc, however, you also have to prepare some documents which proof the relation between you and spouse. I recommend to prepare photos of you and spouse (better if you can provide date and place of the photo as well) and some mails of communication between both of you (in range you can disclose) that reflects your relationship as much as possible.

Nationality after marriage

Even marrying Japanese, it doesn’t mean that my nationality will be automatically become “Japanese national”. I can keep my Indonesia nationality and stay in Japan as long as I have appropriate visa. Of course, it is also possible to change into Japanese national after clear some conditions.

We completed international marriage and visa procedure. But, as Japan and Indonesia have quite different culture so we have to overcome the cultural border, and how husband face everything as he was baby muslim, many things are different compared with general marriage. Plus, got surprised to Indonesia-culture wedding.
Please look forward to next article.