Review Salon de Sorciere: Muslim Friendly Salon in Kobe

Written by: Dwinda Nafisah, Indonesian blogger (

“First Muslim Friendly Salon in Kansai area, so you no need to cut your hair by yourself in your house anymore.”

I quoted these words from a standing black-board in front of Salon de Sorciere in Okamoto, Kobe City. This quotation is very interesting, because as a Muslim woman living in Japan, I do really know how hard to find a place to cut your hair except in our house for Muslim. In Indonesia, my hometown, we can find Muslimah only beauty salon everywhere.

However, in Japan, most of the beauty salon for hair treatment are located inside the building with clear-glass wall. This is difficult for me, because as a Muslim woman, I need more private space when I am without my hijab. Therefore, I always cut my hair by myself or ask my Muslimah friend to cut my hair with simple equipment. Actually, some of Muslim friendly salons are already available in Japan, however, most of them are located in Tokyo and Chiba. It is quiet far to be reached for Muslim woman who live in Kansai or Chubu area.

When Halal Media Japan post an article that now Muslim friendly beauty salon is available in Kobe, I am very happy! Now a Muslim friendly beauty salon is available in a city not far from the city where I live. Salon de Sorciere located in Okamoto, Kobe City. This salon is owned by a friendly Ms. Tomomi.


Tomomi-san managed the salon by herself only, so it is possible for us to make a special reservation. The nearest station to reach this salon are Okamoto Station (Hankyu) and Settsu-Motoyama Station (JR). If you are confused about the location of the salon, you can ask Tomomi-san to pick us up at the station. The salon can be reached by 5-10 minutes on foot. In the comfy and homey Salon de Sorciere, Tomomi- san will explain that the cosmetics used for the hair are animal free and not consist dangerous ingredients, so it is safe for Muslim. For Muslim woman customers, a curtain will be used to cover the glass-wall so it guarantee the customer’s privacy.

A curtain will cover the glass wall for you privacy.
A curtain will cover the glass wall for you privacy.

Various treatment menu are offered by Salon de Sorciere. From haircut, perm, coloring, hair treatment, facial treatment, to relaxing bedrock bathing. The price for haircut start from 2,000 JPY for kids to 4,200 JPY for adults. Special discount are available for school students and university students. We can choose the haircut style by showing a hairstyle sample on picture or photo, or we also can ask Tomomi-san. With more than 20 years’ experience as a hairstylist, Tomomi-san skill in hairstyling is undoubted! You also can try the Japanese hair cut! Muslim customer can make a special reservation in this salon so we can also do praying inside of the salon (prayer mat is available) and bring along our kids while getting our hair done.

Prayer mat is available


Salon de Sorcière

1-4-17 Okamoto, Higashinada Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
-Hair cut and blow-dry
Infants and Elementary School students ¥2000
Junior high and High School students ¥2500
University school students ¥3000
Adults ¥4200
Shampoo from +¥500

-Perm : including shampoo, cut, shampoo, cut, and blow-dry included ¥11800~
Straight perm: shampoo, cut, and blow-dry included ¥10500~
Super straight perm: ¥15000~
Semi long and long hair +¥500~
Color : shampoo, blow-dry included ¥8000~
Acidic coloring ¥5500~
Herbal coloring ¥7000~
Design color +4000~
When you get a hair color, cut will be +¥3800
Semi long and long hair +¥500~
Bedrock bathing 30 minutes ¥3000
Facial treatment ¥3000~
Hair treatment ¥3500~
Japanese hairdo experience ¥4000~
Hair restoration course ¥3000~