ISETAN Shinjuku Store will Organize Modest Fashion Styling Event

ISETAN Shinjuku store will organize styling event , in which some rands gather to join as collaboration with Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2017.

We, Halal Media Japan (Shibuya, Tokyo) which is the organizer of Halal Expo Japan 2017, announce that we are going to have an event collaborated with ISETAN Shinjuku store (Shinjuku, Tokyo).
Modest fashion is a fashion which does not extensively expose skin and body lines.
This modest is paid much attention as new fashion around the world including Muslimah observing Islamic teachings on how to dress.

As a leading company, ISETAN Shinjuku store focuses on this fashion earlier than others, and then finally reached a conclusion to have this worldly trendy styling event.

ISETAN Shinjuku store will be a stage for modest fashion styling event with a theme “Fashion crosses the border” on the 4th floor at Main building during 4th(Wed)-10th(Tue), October. During this period, famous brands, Sybil/Y’s/KEI Hayama PLUS, shows the world of modest fashion emerging around the globe for now.

In addition, Sybilla is scheduled to catwalk, sell and exhibit at Tokyo Modest Fashion Show on 22(Wed)-23(The, Holiday).
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■Event Overview
Date: Wed/04/10/2017-Tue/10/10/2017
Venue: West Park=Promotion, Main Building, Isetan Shinjuku.
Brand: Sybilla, Y’s, KEI Hayama PLUS

■ISETAN Shinjuku
3-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

■Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2017
Date: Tue/21/11/2017-Thu, Holiday/23/11/2017
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taitokan 4F・5F

HALAL EXPO JAPAN ORGANIZING COMMITTEE (belong to Halal Media Japan Co., Ltd)
Adviser Rieka Inoue