Shefty International Inc. is planning to hand out HALAL products at the Hello Kitty Run in Indonesia!

Shefty International Inc. will hand out “Premium langue de chat” at the Hello Kitty Run to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 10th.
Although this product is not HALAL-certified, it does not contain any animal-derived products other than milk and eggs, and is also alcohol-free.
They will be handing out a small 3-piece package to deliver the amazing taste of langue de chat to as many customers as possible.

The content of the event is as follows. (As in the event press release)

Hello Kitty Run

Tokyo Gets Co., Ltd. Produces entertainment business in Asia and Japan. On September 10th 2017, we will be re-launch in AEON BSD City of Indonesia the “Hello Kitty Run,” a character marathon event that was held on November 2016 and attracted more than 4000 participants.

“Hello Kitty Run” is held in many countries including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thai, Vietnam, and is a fan marathon that is open for not just Hello Kitty fans but for anyone that likes entertainment events. Participants run a 5km marathon course with various decorations and attractions installed while wearing T-shirts, number cloth, and bag that you can only get at the event. Participants that finishes the course can receive a limited Hello Kitty medal and enjoy food, drink, and games at the booth inside the venue.

This event, which was very popular when held in Indonesia in 2016, will come back in 2017 with a theme “Sweets wonderland.” Various snacks will be provided for free in the 5km running course, and we will invite participants to Sweets wonderland via Hello Kitty and sweets decoration. After the marathon, you can play games at the game booth and receive prizes, take pictures with Hello Kitty comic foregrounds, and purchase food, drinks, and character goods. Also, special Hello Kitty run character goods limited to the event which were sold out last year due to high popularity will be available again, but with more line-ups.

The ticket for this event is on sale from June 15th at the ticket purchase page linked in the official website of the event.

[Event name] Hello Kitty Run Indonesia Sweets Wonderland
[Event date] September 10th 2017 (Sun) From 6:30
 Facebook:Hello Kitty Run Indonesia- Sweets Wonderland
 Instagram:Hkrun Indonesia 

[Ticket information]
 Early bird: IDR 300.000 (June 15th to July 9th)
 Standard: IDR330.000 (July 10th to August 8th)
 Last minute: IDR 385.000 (August 9th to September 10th)
■Online purchase only