Asian Gyoza package
Asian Gyoza package

       YOSHIMURA SHOTEN CO., LTD., who have acquired Halal certification for their “Asian Gyoza”, answered the questionnaire of HALAL MEDIA JAPAN. “Asian Gyoza” are dumplings filled with horse mackerel which has been made into bean paste. They were awarded the top prize from the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the domestic livestock and marine products use category in the “Best Hometown Food Contest 2011”



Q1. What kind of Halal certification did you acquire? (Japanese domestic Halal / International Halal / Local Halal)



Q2. Why did you acquire Halal certification?

Because we were convinced this is a market that is really going to grow.


Q3. What are the characteristics of your company and products (points you would like to promote)?

Fresh horse mackerel caught in the waters of Japan is used to create the bean paste. The horse mackerel is rich in DHA and EPA. Fish collagen is further blended into the product, so women who are highly conscious of health and beauty can eat Asian Gyoza with pleasure. Japanese green tea is also kneaded into the dough, so you can enjoy the new bright green color as well as the light scent and flavor of the tea.


Q4. Please give us three recommended ways of eating them (or dishes).

Asian Gyoza
Asian Gyoza

Gyoza baked in a frying pan, deep fried gyoza, and gyoza eaten in warm soup – all three are delicious and easy ways to eat gyoza.


Q5. What do you expect from the acquisition of Halal certification?

We want many Muslims to quickly discover this product and eat it with peace of mind. We expect that word of this product will spread rapidly through word of mouth between Muslims.


Q6. What measures did you take, or what was difficult, in acquiring Halal certification?

Our main concerns were obtaining proof and confirming that all of our ingredients are completely free of pork and alcohol and their components, ensuring the gyoza production line is isolated within our manufacturing plant, and ensuring that the Halal-only tools, etc. used in manufacturing are properly stored separately.


Q7. Where can people purchase your products?

They can be purchased from Sakuraya Foods.


Q8. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

We hope to rapidly improve our name recognition in Singapore and we want many people to understand and enjoy the taste of our gyoza.



Corporate information


7182-293 Kaigandori, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture