Japanese Food Restaurant Matsuri – Exhibitor of HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2017


① Please tell us about something about your company and products (PR points).

The shop features the “Best 10” halal Japanese food that foreigners want to eat.
It also features make-your-own takoyaki experience.

② Please tell us why you started to venture into the halal/muslim markets.

I am afraid that Muslims tourists are not able to enjoy food in Japan.
I would like to have them enjoy delicious Japanese food.③Please recommend us the best way to enjoy your products.

③Please recommend us the best way to enjoy your products.

Make-your-own takoyaki is popular but there are also ramen, sushi, kushikatsu (fried fritters) etc. Japanese style chicken cutlet curry and Kobe beef teppanyaki etc are also very popular.

④ Please let us know what you look forward to at Halal Expo Japan 2017.

We are expecting to receive more customers from travel related companies. I also hope that the awareness for our shop will increase.

⑤ Where can we buy your products?

We are in Noda Hanshin, Osaka