The Uniqueness of Tottori

Writer : Hanina Zakiyyah

Let’s try exploring Tottori

Tokyo, Osaka, or Hokkaido, these cities are the popular destination that commonly chosen by the foreign tourists that come to Japan.
But, Japan’s charm are not only its high-tech and glamorous cities, but also its villages, nature, and historical sites.

Tottori station
Tottori station

Here attractive sightseeing spots in Tottori, a prefecture with the least population in Japan.

Access from Tokyo

You can take whether flight, train, or bus to get Tottori from Tokyo.
If you don’t mind the time and want to save your transport expenses, you can take a bus.

There’s a bus named “Camel” operated by Keikyu Bus that bounds for Tottori-shi, Yonago, Kurayoshi and surrounding areas.
Get on from Shinagawa or Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal and get off at the Tottori Station Bus Terminal or the others.
It’s convenient because we don’t have to transfer to another train or bus,
but it takes around 9 hours to get Tottori from Tokyo.

The fare is about 11.000 yen (one way), the interior in the bus is quite spacious.
There is also a water dispenser, so you can enjoy the cold water or hot coffee/tea on the way, plus a nice and clean toilet.

Sightseeing in Tottori City

Let’s start from Tottori Station.
Once arrived, it is recommended to go to tourist information center in the Tottori Station,
to get useful information about sightseeing spot.

Here we can purchase the one-day ticket of the loop bus “Kirinjishi” for 600 yen (300 yen per ride)
or take the “Kururi” bus for only 100 yen per ride.
“Kirinjishi” loop bus operates only on weekend and national holidays,
while “Kururi” bus operates every day.

Start departing from Tottori Station bus terminal, we can explore many sightseeing spots all around the city.

Loop bus 1 day pass
Loop bus 1 day pass
Loop bus “Kirinjishi”
Loop bus “Kirinjishi”

Sightseeing spots in Tottori City.


“Warabekan” is museum of toys and children’s song.

Top, from left-right: the entry ticket, some of toys collection. Bottom, from left-right: the replica of a snack stall and a class room in the Showa Era.
Top, from left-right: the entry ticket, some of toys collection.
Bottom, from left-right: the replica of a snack stall and a class room in the Showa Era.


“Jinpukaku” is a French Renaissance style mansion that built back in 1907 at the area of Tottori castle ruins.
This mansion was used as Prince Yoshihito rest villa when he visits the San’in Area.
The popular Japanese comic live action movie, “Rurouni Kenshin” (also known as “Samurai X” in overseas),
took place at “Jinpukaku” for filming some scenes.

The front yard of “Jinpukaku”
The front yard of “Jinpukaku”
The backyard of “Jinpukaku”
The backyard of “Jinpukaku”

Tottori Sand Museum

The only museum in Japan that exhibiting sand sculptures made by world-class sculptors.
The exhibition theme is different every year.
This year’s theme (April 2017-March 2018) is USA.

Tottori Sand Museum
Tottori Sand Museum

Tottori Sand Dunes

This is the only place in Japan where we can feel the atmosphere like in Arabian country.
You can ride a camel and see the real oasis in the middle of the sand dunes.

Tottori sand dunes
Tottori sand dunes
a camel object (photo spot)
a camel object (photo spot)

Prayer space, halal restaurant, and souvenirs

In contrast to Tokyo, there is not so many and difficult to find proper prayer space
and halal or muslim friendly restaurant in Tottori,
so we need to pay attention and check carefully the ingredients of food that we want to eat.
Of course, this is a little bit troublesome for muslim travelers,
especially they who can’t read or speak Japanese.

About the prayer space, since it’s still difficult to find a proper space for doing shalat,
one option is perform shalat in changing/dressing booth in “Sakyu Kaikan”,
the nearest drive-in restaurant and souvenirs shop from sand dunes.

For snacks or food for souvenirs, seafood snack maybe a good choice,
however, it is better to pay extra attention to the ingredients.

So, would you like to try exploring areas of Japan you’ve never visited?