A Hidden Luxury, ATAMI Sekaie

Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture is located in the southwestern of Tokyo at Izu peninsula, which is well-known with onsen (hotspring) and beautiful panorama of Pacific ocean.

Open in 2015 in Atami City, “ATAMI Sekaie” is becoming the forefront of sophisticated ryokan-style luxury hotel with total 25 rooms and all rooms are facilitated with private rotenburo (open air hotspring). Besides, there are some nice features we can enjoy, such as personal conditioning salon, lounge, etc. From private rotenburo, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery that let us enhance our private time.

Also in 2015, ATAMI Sekaie obtained Halal-certification, to let Muslim customers have a pleasant halal dining.



ATAMI Sekaie can be accessed from JR Atami Station, around 40 min from Tokyo Station by Shinkansen. Arrive at Atami Station, you can take a taxi (around 5 min, the hotel is located 1 km away from Atami Station) or you can take courtesy bus by give the hotel a phone call in advance.


On your way to Atami station, you will see wide ocean view while on the train that may be amazed you. Take it as appetizer, you will get more amazed once you arrive at ATAMI Sekaie.

Welcome to Sekaie
Welcome to Sekaie
Great ocean view welcome you at the lobby
Great ocean view welcome you at the lobby

Once you put your step to the lobby, you will be welcomed by a great ocean view from huge window framing the panorama, just like paint in a canvas, that will make you spontaneously say a big “wow!”. Yes, it’s Sekaie!

The Rooms

Nice alcohol-free room fragrance is welcoming you once you come in. Put your step inside the room and enjoy the overwhelmed luxury of the interior with great scenery from the window.



Private rotenburo, as its name, promise you private time where you can enjoy the hotspring only by yourself. It is a very nice service from ATAMI Sekaie to let Muslim guests, which is not used to use public bath, to experience one of typical Japanese culture. While enjoying rotenburo, we are pampered with the beautiful paint-like blue sky, wide blue sea, and trees spreading under the eyes, great view to let body and mind relax.

Private rotenburo
Private rotenburo
Enjoy the amazing ocean view!
Enjoy the amazing ocean view!

And nice point is, prayer mat (sajadah), compass, and Al-Qur’an are available in all rooms!!


The rooms start from JPY 39,000/person with 2 meals. There are Ocean View Superior, Ocean View Suite option you can choose. All are non-smoking room.

Halal Japanese Dishes

ATAMI Sekaie serves halal-certified authentic Japanese foods.

Halal certificate
Halal certificate

Japanese foods served are mostly using fish and vegetables, chosen from the best one in the area. Since every season has different kind of foodstuff, you can enjoy different menus all year round

※ All halal dishes use halal plate and utensils.

Salmon, soft roe (shirako), and bamboo-grilled mushroom.

Bamboo-grilled dish
Bamboo-grilled dish
Enrich the taste with have it with tororo and raw egg
Enrich the taste by have it with tororo and raw egg

You can enjoy salmon with yuzu-tasted green onion topping.

This is called shirako
This is called shirako

Hot soup (contains of shrimp and vegetables)


Got the shrimp!
Got the shrimp!

Got the body warmed up?


Next menu is sashimi, served in fresh and juicy fish slices. The slices are thick and soft. Put a small amount of shoyu (soy sauce) and enjoy!

Fresh sashimi
Fresh sashimi


One set of vegetable tempura, fugu, and sushi

First impression, wow!
Served beautifully decorated with bamboo and leaves. Enjoying nice Japanese dishes in Japan luxury hotel, no need anything else!



Soy milk hot-pot

A nice menu for women! Healthy and good to maintaining style while get the body warmed up.


Enjoying soy milk hot-pot
Enjoying soy milk hot-pot

Crab rice (kani meshi)

Takikomi rice (rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredients) with a lot of soft crab! So tasteful!!
This menu is available together with asatsuke (pickled dish from marinated vegetables) and savory miso soup.




Even though we got crab rice this time, the hotel may serves you other rice menu according to season.

Fruits dessert

The last one is, enjoying juicy and fresh fruits as dessert. This time we got strawberry, kiwi, and orange.


Halal menu has nice volume, served one by one to let you enjoy the taste slowly.

Enjoying Halal yet delicious and fresh dishes with beautiful ocean view. Experience you will never forget.
Enjoying Halal yet delicious and fresh dishes with beautiful ocean view. Experience you will never forget.

※ Menu changes on a monthly basis


Please make reservation through phone call or official website mentioned below.
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269-1 Izusan, Atami-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture 〒413-0002
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