Halal Souvenir Hunting

Travelling to Japan will not complete without buy some souvenirs even for yourself or for family and friends. When talking about “looking for souvenirs” in Tokyo, the first thing come out is something like Nakamise Street at Asakusa or drugstores, or maybe Ameyoko at Ueno. But do you know there is another souvenir shops in Tokyo, where you can’t find in another place?

KITTE Marunouchi

Yes, it’s KITTE Marunouchi, located just side by side with Tokyo Station on Marunouchi Chuo-exit.
KITTE Marunouchi has total seven floors from B1 to sixth floor, accommodates variety of fascinating shops and restaurants.


Go out from Tokyo Station Marunouchi Chuo-exit
Go out from Tokyo Station Marunouchi Chuo-exit


KITTE Marunouchi
KITTE Marunouchi

On 2F and 3F of this building, there is IMT Boutique + UTCC (University of Tokyo Communication Center) inside a museum called JP Tower Intermediatheque.

Get Halal Souvenir at IMT Boutique + UTCC

JP Tower Intermediatheque have souvenir shop on 3F. In this shop, there are various of original goods and stuffs developed by University of Tokyo!


UTCC Shop at 3F
UTCC Shop at 3F

There you can find halal-certified chocolate, Hanan Chocolate!

Hanan Chocolate
Hanan Chocolate

Hanan Chocolate is quite popular among Muslims, non-muslim, even Japanese!
This is chocolate that can be enjoyed by everyone!!

Inside the shop, you can find other products developed by University of Tokyo such as skincare and supplements.

11:00-18:00 (last admission on 17:30)
Monday, New Year, may close irregularly
KITTE 2F-3F 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo