3 te café’s New Menu, Halal Kobe Beef! ※Reservation Needed※


Recently, Halal Kobe beef is becoming one of the most popular item Muslim tourists are looking for.
It is an extremely soft meat, like melt once you put it in mouth, that makes it gain attractions.

3 te café that started to serve Halal Kobe beef since the end of 2017,
Receives reservation for Halal Kobe beef every day.

▼ Article about 3 te café published on December 2017
Halal Kobe Beef in the Center of Osaka City! 3 min walk from Shinsaibashi, “3tecafe” is becoming hot topic!

3 te café started to serve new menu since March which we will introduce to you!

The Outstanding Halal Kobe Beef “Round Steak” & “Tenderloin Steak”!


It was served in diced steak at the first place, but as there was a request from Muslim customer who want the steak to be more volumey, made 3 te café starts to serve round and tenderloin steak course.

This time we had a mouthwatering round steak.

The round steak is very soft and tender, especially as it is using the best part of the meat with strong taste.

For Kobe beef, it will be much more delicious if having it in “medium rare” (leave a bit red part).
If you are not that good in having dish in “medium rare”, please give it a try to this dish.


Full course consists of appetizer, side dish, soup, main dish Kobe beef, dessert cost 13,000 yen (exclude tax).
In Osaka, it is almost impossible to have Kobe beef at that price!

Besides, there is tenderloin steak too.

Tenderloin steak can be got only from 1 beef with only 3~4% from the whole meat that makes it very rare.
It costs 32,000 yen (exclude tax) with a wonderful taste!
Juicy and soft, a-highly-recommended one!

3 te café Nice Location

Good access!

“スクリーンショット” 2017-11-28 16.38.44

Located in 3 min walk from Shinsaibashi station in the center of Osaka, 3 te café can be easily accessed even for those who come for the first time.
Nice spot for you to stop by before continue sightseeing.


3tecafe has a nice prayer space, facilitated with wudu’ space, prayer mat, Kiblat mark, and others needed for pray.
What a very nice service!

Prayer mat from Kyoto’s traditional crafts “Kyoto Nishijin-ori”



From snack like Baumkuchen, seasoning such as ponzu sauce and mentsuyu (noodle soup base), until Kyoto’s made prayer mat, wide range of souvenirs available is one of 3 te café’s popularity’s secret.

Enjoy Cultural Experiences too!



Here you can have kimono experience (1,000 yen per one time).
Doesn’t it nice to have experience to wear kimono before or after enjoy your dish?

If you come to Osaka, don’t forget to stop by at 3 te café!

For Reservation ※Reservation Needed※

Please note to make your reservation in advance
(Please make reservation to minamisako@3tecafe.com

▼Let’s see how was it like from Youtube video below!


Lunch:11:30〜16:00 / Dinner:18:00〜22:00
1-10-17 Sinsaibasipoporo Bld.2F, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0086
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