Halal Anago-Don (Conger eel/Saltwater eel rice bowl) at “Omotenashi DINING Fukutei”

Himeji’s Specialty ‘Anago-Don’

Anago and Unagi are both eel that used in many dishes. Anago is an edible saltwater eel that has soft texture and natural sweetness. Japanese people love Anago since the Edo era, they often used Anago in Japanese cuisine, such as Tempura, Kabayaki (grilled eel), Ni-Anago (simmered eel) and Sushi.

Especially in Himeji, Anago is very popular that has become Himeji’s local menu that attracts many tourists.

”Omotenashi DINING Fukutei” presents “Halal Anago-Don”

Omotenashi DINING Fukutei is an authentic Japanese restaurant that use seasonal ingredients and fresh fishes on their dishes. This restaurant can be reached on foot for 5 minutes from Himeji station. Fukutei restaurant decided to start serving Halal menu because Muslim tourists coming to Himeji that are increasing day by day want to taste Himeji’s specialty ‘Anago-Don’.

The following are two Muslim-friendly menus served at the restaurant. (Both are served with dates as dessert)

・Anago Tenju (Eel Tempura in lunch box) and Ibonoito Nyumen 1,500 yen (tax included)

This menu is consists of a hearty Anago Tendon with crunchy deep-fried Anago and seasonal vegetables. Nyumen using Hyogo’s specialty ‘Ibonoito’ is also worth to try.

・Anago-Don with Hitsumabushi (chopped Kabayaki eel) 1,500 yen (tax included)

Anago-Don filled with lots of Conger eel. Enjoy this menu with Japanese unique condiments like sweet sauce, Wasabi and green onion.

Couple of ways of enjoying Anago-Don

① First, divide Anago into 4 serves
Divide Anago served in wooden bowl into 4 serves. Without worrying the shape of Anago, put a large spoon of cross-shaped Anago.

② A bowl of Anago without condiments
Put a one quart wooden bowl of Anago into a rice bowl and eat it without any condiments.

③ A bowl of Anago with green onion and Wasabi
For the second bowl, put a quart bowl of Anago into a rice bowl and mix it with chopped green onion and Wasabi. You can enjoy different texture.

④ A bowl of Anago with Chazuke (Anago Chazuke)
For the third bowl, add chopped seaweed and broth into chopped green onion and Wasabi on the second bowl, then enjoy it as Chazuke dish.

⑤ Last bowl, add any of your favorite ingredient
For the last one quart bowl, you can add anything you like from bowl one to three.

Muslim-friendly Policy

Fukutei restaurant serves foods according to the Muslim-friendly policy below, so that Muslim customers can enjoy their meal without worry.

1. Restaurant hasn’t been Halal certified from third party organization

2. Kitchen is not set up exclusively for Muslim-friendly use

3. Using Muslim-friendly seasoning for Muslim-friendly menu (Non-Halal certified ingredients will be checked thoroughly)

4. Tableware used are the same with the regular menu, but disposable tableware are also available

Omotenashi DINING Fukutei

75, Kamei-machi, Himeji-shi, Hyogo
Lunch 11:30-14:30, Dinner 17:00-22:00
Always open
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