A Warmhearted Omotenashi in Working Place for Muslim

In Japan, working environment for Muslims, especially awareness of working in hijab or pray time/space is still not that high, but it is getting better for sure.

This time, a Muslimah from Indonesia who is studying here in Tokyo, is looking for a job at a furniture-related big company’s store. She had been called to come for an interview on the time which is overlapped with Zuhur pray time, so she asked them to let her have a prayer time and space during break.

On the day of the interview, she met Human Resource staff and manager of the department she’s applying to. Surprisingly, the manager was living in Saudi Arabia for years, he even able read Qur’an!

Another amazing surprise is, the manager prepared a place for her to pray, fully equipped with Qibla direction and beautiful rug as sajadah!

A rug as sajadah. This rug is one of the company’s product
Qiblat direction

Even what she asked only time and place to pray, the company thoughtfully prepared stuffs needed. Besides, they also prepared lunch for her carefully, that contains fish and vegetable only.

This warmhearted caring is what Muslims need to be able to work in Japan in relief!