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Tokyo Map for Muslims has been updated since 2017.

The number of Muslim tourist visiting Tokyo (Taito city area) have been increasing.
And recently, more Muslim-friendly restaurants are now opening in Tokyo!

Check the latest Tokyo Map for Muslims here!

New Tokyo Map for Muslims

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Brand New Halal Japanese restaurant is now open in Asakusa!

Here is the brand new Halal Japanese restaurant that Japanese people love!
You can enjoy Halal Wagyu (Japanese beef) here in Japanese restaurant origami Asakusa.

Origami Asakusa

Japanese Restaurant Origami Asakusa

1-2-8 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0033
Lunch 11:30~15:00 Dinner 17:30~21:00
Halal Gourmet Japan


More Information Centers are added to the map!

7 Information Centers are now added to the map.
If you have any trouble or question, feel free to visit any Information Center in Taito city!

Make full use of them and enjoy your stay in Tokyo !

Parks Ueno (Ueno) map↗︎
UENO Information Center(Ueno) map↗︎
Tourist Information Center (Ueno) map↗︎
GOURNAVI Restaurant and Tourist Information map↗︎
Tourist Information (Ueno) map↗︎
JR EAST Travel Service Center (Marunouchi) map↗︎
Tobu Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA (Hanakawado) map↗︎