NANZAN Gyu Terroir for a mouth-watering halal wagyu

Written by: Mikai

I’ve always wanted to taste the real taste of Japanese wagyu, how does it taste and what kind of feeling I’d receive from it.

Fortunately in few weeks ago, I had a chance to visit one of the finest yet quite spacious Halal wagyu restaurant, NANZAN Gyu Terroir which opened on October 11th, near Kyoto Station.

The finest Halal wagyu in Kyoto

Wagyu literally mean ‘Japanese Beef’. But not all cattle qualified as Wagyu. There are only 4 types of traditional Japanese breeds which are kuroge wagyu (black hide), akage wagyu (red hide), nihon tankakushi (Japanese shorthorn), or mukakuwashu (Japanese polled cattle).

As you might know, the popular Kobe beef is a strain of kuroge (black hide), thus Kobe beef is qualified as Wagyu. As for in Kyoto, there is also Kyoto beef strained of kuroge which make it into the Wagyu status.

On the other hand, kokusan-gyu refers to all cows raised domestically in Japan. That means, whichever country a cow is from and whatever its breed is, the cow will be classified as Kokusan-gyu if it has spent more than half of its life in Japan.

The wagyu used at NANZAN Gyu Terroir is called Kyotankuro. Kyotankuro Wagyu is bred with the highest priority on their health by being fed Kyoto okara (soy pulp), soy sauce lees, local grass, and rice for forage.

In June 2014, Kyotankuro Wagyu is certified as Halal Wagyu (Halal slaughtered ) by the Kyoto Council for Sharia and Halal Affairs.

If you are happened to visit Kyoto, do visit NANZAN and enjoy the good taste well balanced with sweetness of this marbled meat.
Personally, I would recommend their Kyotankuro Wagyu Loin Steak..

I promise you won’t regret having it as your dinner.

About NANZAN Gyu Terroir

JR Kyoto Isetan Restoran-gai, Higashi Shiokouji-cho, Shiokoujisagaru, Karasumi-doori, Shimogyoku [JR west exit kaisatsu-mae Eat Paradise], Kyoto 600-8212
Lunch 11:00-15:00 ; Dinner16:00-22:00
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