Huis Ten Bosch3

Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki Prefecture is the 3rd most annually visited theme park of Japan. It is a theme park with an international atmosphere famous for their flowers, attracting tourists from China, Korea, and Taiwan in recent years in addition to Japanese visitors. Huis Ten Bosch also offers HALAL food, which we will introduce in the following.

Bahman Kebab is a Persian restaurant owned by Mr. Bahman, who has been living in Japan for over 20 years, and as the name says, is famous for their kebab. You can choose from 4 kebab sauce from including hot, spicy, mild, and original, and is a specialty dish with great combination of 10 spices and lots of veggies along with beef or chicken. According to Mr. Bahman’s wife, Ms. Keiko, the restaurant opened 3 and a half years ago in the current location, and was a local favorite for approximately 10 years prior, serving up dishes in a food truck. This is the only place you can have HALAL food in Huis Ten Bosch, so we recommend you try it out!

*Although the restaurant is not HALAL-certified, the owner is Muslim.
Alcohol is offered for drinks.

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