Please tell us the confectionary you want to eat in Japan and the confectionary you want to be sent from Japan.


       These are the questions we received from a certain Japanese company recently. This company, aiming to acquire Halal certification, wants to first hear from consumers. So, we would like to hear your opinions.


       We have omitted the details as the company has not yet obtained Halal certification, however we can tell you that this confectionery manufacturer is a smaller company located in a regional city approximately an hour’s flight from Tokyo. This company is a well-established award-winning store that sells its products nationwide through department stores, and convenience stores. Dorayaki, the favorite food of Doraemon, is also a specialty of this company.


       Personally, I would like to request this company make cakes rather than traditional Japanese confectionary. This is because I can’t forget the one Muslim resident who said “I want to eat the cakes sold at convenience stores”. At the same time, I am also reminded of a French artisan who mentioned that “Even the cakes sold in convenience stores in Japan are of high quality”.


       Japan’s food exports are growing thanks to the rapid development of refrigeration technology and methods of transportation. The day people can acquire fresh un-baked confectionary from Japan in addition to confectionary with longer expiration dates may be drawing near. So, in anticipation of this, please vote for your favorite confectionary.


select a confectionary
select a confectionary


1. Dorayaki

2. Mochi (rice cake)

3. Roll cake

4. Other (Please post a comment!)

15/07/2014 Add a postscript

Thank you for your votes!! Mochi ranks top! 
HMJ’ll give feedback to Japanese companies in order for them to make more Japan Halal confectionaries. Thank you.

Chart of favorite Japan Halal confectionary
Chart of favorite Japan Halal confectionary