Written by Komatsu Rizwan Majeed san

My name is Komatsu Rizwan Majeed, I am a Pakistani Muslim. I have experienced in Japan about 24years, I want to write column some subject. Today’s column is MY TOWN MASJID. Name of Masjid in my town is Ebina Masjid in Ebina Kanagawa prefecture. Masjid was built 14 years ago. People come together in worship to build up to the third floor, 400 people at the time pray. It is 15 minutes walk from the Mosque to Ebina satation..Imam of the mosque is a person of Sri Lanka. Not only neighbors to come for 5 time of salat of the day but also about 500 people on Friday of collective worship and come about 500 people Saturday night .Dinner with everyone after pray of Saturday night. On the back of the Mosque have flow Sagami River it beautiful views from the rooftop of the Mosque, because everyone is coming by car on Friday .since Mosque parking next to the Mosque everyone is not unstoppable .We have got the permission as everyone can be parked next to the Sagami River from Ebina government office and everyone thanks to city office since a lot of people come every day in Ramadan .Everyone can be pooled diligently money we have renovation occasionally Mosque. It is now also want to protect the Mosque in the power of everyone. When you come to Ebina, please come to our Ebina Masjid

3-12-1 Kamigo, Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture Japan 2430434