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Leading LTD.
Leading LTD.

Isn’t it frustrating to rent or buy house in Tokyo, especially you are a Foreigner ?
If so, Leading LTD. will support you finding a house fitting your own lifestyle and needs.
We are a real estate company located in Ebisu, Tokyo which is dedicated to make people’s lives and businesses less complicated, more convenient, and more exciting.

We are delighted to announce that we have launched a real estate business specializing in foreign customers on May 7th (Thu)!
As we start our new business, we welcomed our new Muslim member Rechache Abdelwafi (call him Wafy ^^) from Algeria, who is in charge of sales and customer service.
He has been living in Japan for 3 and half years and has 2 years of experience in a real estate field.
Since Wafy has been paved his way to survive in Japan and has a passion for helping other Muslims who are facing many difficulties as he did, why don’t you contact him.
We are sure that he can help not only finding your houses but supporting your life in Japan to be more easier and safe.

Also, there are 2 more values we can offer to you:
– For the female Muslim customers, our experienced female staff (not man) will be with you when visiting properties, etc.
– We can provide much information about places that are close to Mosques and Halal restaurants.

Moreover, we believe that our mission is not only renting out or selling houses, but creating a more convenient life for each and every Muslim.
In other words, our ultimate goal is to become a company that solves wide range of problems that you’re facing, even they are unrelated to real estate.
To this aim, we promise to treasure your direct opinion/real voice and shape our business based on your suggestions in order to provide Muslims with the best possible service!

If you have any troubles finding a house in Tokyo, why don’t you let Leading LTD. help you out!

We are always by your side.

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