Location of the Restaurant


Location of the Restaurant

  • Tokyo Sky tree 6F
  • Lazona Kawasaki 1F
  • Saitama Coccon 2.3F


Mr.KOTHARI is the Indian owner that operates 10 branches of the 3 restaurants mentioned above. The first branch of this restaurant opened in Calcutta, India in 1958. The Calcutta branch facing the famous park street is still serving its traditional flavors to visitors. They are serving traditional Indian flavors to our customers through traditional foods from ancient Vedas, from when it was a colony of Britain, and current India. They blend more than 20 types of spices and herbs with perfect balance, and serve healthy original Indian food based on a completed traditional recipe handed down through many generations.
Although he is not Muslim, he is experienced in serving halal-friendly food with a history of over 40 years.
*There are Muslim chefs in every store, and halal options are made available with full preperation.
*We serve alcohol, but separate glasswares are used upon serving
*Also offers vegetarian menu