I will now introduce Padma, a shop which I learnt about when interviewing Muslim students in the past.


       Padma directly imports Halal food to sell wholesale to Halal food distributors. Apparently almost all Japanese Halal food distributors are using Padma products. Padma is not only a food store, but it is used by many Muslims visiting Japan.


PADMA inside
PADMA inside


       Padma deals in meat and fish, ethnic foods such as spices, and seasonings from India and Bangladesh, etc. Padma also handles a small quantity of Japanese-produced merchandise such as rice, etc.


       On this occasion I was shown one floor in the Padma shop; there was truly an abundance of merchandise.In addition, the mail order website boasts many products sold abroad that are not well known in Japan including fish such as Ruhi, Mola, and Baila, and seasoning such as Chanachur and Kawan Paratha Methi, etc., and is truly appreciated by Muslims living in Japan.


       Take the Misato Station North Exit and proceed along Waseda Chuodori.There are few landmarks as the area is surrounded by housing complexes, so turn left at the 7th traffic light (Waseda 7-chome (west)). You will see a shrine on your left hand side if you keep walking; turn left at the narrow intersection just after the shrine. Walk a little and you will see Padma on your right hand side. It is a little far from Misato Station, so I recommend taking a taxi from the station.

Corporate Information:

Company Name: Padma Halal Food (Padma Co., Ltd.)
Address: 8-30-4 Waseda, Misato, Saitama, 341-0018, JAPAN
Phone: +81-48-950-5050
Fax: +81-48-950-5057
Email: info@padma-tr.com
URL: http://www.padma-tr.com/