A small Expo at Pakistan Embassy
A small Expo at Pakistan Embassy

Written by Ahmad Ibrahim

Rainy and cold weather, microphone and projector problem but beside these a humble event about Halal food and warm hearted people full of saloon. NAHA (Nippon Asia Halal Association) organized a mini program at Pakistan Embassy on last Thursday and invited halal certified companies as a small expo. Mr. Saeed Akhtar summarized all basic information about and around the term of halal. In his presentation importance of halal mark and other international halal certification organizations mentioned. Even though this was NAHA organized presentation, the message of knowledge of halal mark should be gained from any source and every source. This perspective is important to increase the knowledge and awareness of the term of halal. Even Islam is not well explained in Japan, when starting to topic from the middle may cause some misunderstood points. That is why every sincere step taken on this purpose eventually gives its fruits. At the end both side will win, Japan would be more intercultural effected country and more non-Japanese people would choose Japan without hesitation.
One more important point about the Halal seminar, as dear ambassador pointed that halal food is scientifically healthy and better than others. Till now this point was missed but this is a key point which can be accepted by everyone since it can be proved by measurable facts. Even in some western countries people discuss this issue but not mentioning or discarding about halal and non Muslim people choose halal meat just because healthier. Japanese halal market is just beginning so there are many things to be done. One of them is advertising halal for non-Muslims. This may not sounds so logical but surely acceptable and accountable movement.