Written by Sk. Nishat Abdullah-san

La Toque
La Toque

When I first arrived in Tokyo, it was Ramadan (fasting for the Muslims). Reaching in the airport, I was eagerly looking for a “Halal” restaurant for eating “Iftar” (The dinner that is taken after the Ramadan is over). But I failed to find such a restaurant. The people who were waiting to receive me in the airport were all Japanese, having almost no idea about “Halal” food. I was unfortunate to eat my ‘Iftar” with non Halal food. Since then I felt the importance of at least one “Halal” restaurant in every airport specially in a country like Japan. “La Toque” the Japanese curry restaurant started in Narita airport fulfilled my desire. I hope from now onwards no more Muslim people entering Japan through Narita has to worry about “Halal” food like me, whenever they reach here.
“La Toque” is basically a curry restaurant that entertains with different flavors of Japanese curry. I have seen a lot of Japanese curry shops, also a lot of ready to eat curry packs in supermarkets and convenient stores. But I could never eat them because they were not “Halal”. As people of my country like curry very much, I am also a curry lover. But I had to refrain from trying Japanese curries due to the obstacle. When I eat the curry in “La Toque”, I understand why Japanese people are so much fond of their “Katsu Curry”. The curries are served along with rice or udon (One type of Japanese noodle) usually. Different flavors of
Curries are available. For example, “Curry with grilled chicken”, “Curry with Salmon cutlet”, “Curry with fried prawn” etc. are available as menu. The taste of the curry is not much spicy, rather a little sweetish. The curries commonly eaten in most countries are usually thin and watery in comparison to Japanese “Katsu Curry” which is thicker in consistency. Thus its taste is different and seemed to me healthier. I think that the Muslim people, who love curry, should try this.
I saw a number of Muslim people eating their meal there. I think if any newcomer comes to this restaurant, hopefully can meet any Muslim people who have been living here for a long time. Actually, getting information regarding locations of mosques and other Halal food shops is a tough job in Japan for Muslims. So, one should not miss this opportunity to meet a Muslim brother, get some Islamic information just reaching Narita Airport. As the restaurant is located in 2nd floor of Terminal 2 (International Terminal), it should not be difficult to find out following the guidelines drawn in the airport.
The standard of the restaurant, interior decoration, presentation of the dishes, attitude and behavior of the people who serve the food all maintained a world class like that of any other international airports in the world. The standard also kept the pace with the desired peaceful environment for Muslim people. So, in conclusion, I would like to recommend “La Toque” as the gateway of Muslim people who entering in Japan through Narita Airport.