Asia’s largest specialty food and beverage exhibition “Foodex Japan” will be held for the 39th time from March 4 to 7 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture. Halal will be the feature of this year’s exhibition. In addition to nine exhibitors who have acquired Halal certification, Halal agencies from Malaysia, Bahrain, Turkey, and Thailand will hold seminars on each day of the exhibition.


              While we at HMJ have told you about Japan’s high level of interest in Halal, this exhibition, which will be attended by approximately 70,000 domestic and international purchasers and food-related parties, will be the first occasion Halal will be placed in the spotlight. The number of international purchasers at this year’s exhibition is expected to be more than usual in response to the increased popularity of Halal in Japan.


              Foodex Japan will be even more exciting this year with the world’s top baristas performing latte art and the holding of a local food grand prix featuring local specialties in addition to Halal. Unfortunately, this exhibition is for business purposes only and members of the public are unable to attend. Photography is also prohibited, however we at HMJ will bring you a report on the exhibition at a later date.

Foodex Japan 2014