Why not take the first step toward entering the halal market together?




Providing Japanese food, a widely-accepted cuisine in the world

Now recruiting a franchise owner of a new-generation Japanese restaurant targeting the currently hottest market – the Islamic market!!iding Japanese food, a widely-accepted cuisine in the world

Sushi, tempura, teriyaki…With the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japanese food is increasingly becoming the focus of the world. This applies not only to western countries, but also to southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, and to western Asian countries such as Turkey and Israel.

However, it is difficult for Indonesian and Malaysian people to readily enjoy Japanese food. Why is that? One of the biggest reasons is that

many of them are Muslims.

In the Islamic religion, there is a concept known as “halal.” “Halal” refers to food which do not include pork or alcohol, and which Muslims are allowed to eat. Conversely, Muslims are prohibited from eating food which includes pork or alcohol.

This concept does not mean simply refraining from using pork or drinking alcohol. If pork or alcohol-derived seasonings are even slightly used, they are unable to eat that food.

This “halal” is the major barrier which prevents Muslims from eating Japanese food.

However, “Nikouken” has fully adapted Japanese food to “halal!”

Without using any pork or alcohol,

while maintaining the tastiness of Japanese food,

Japanese food has been arranged and developed

to cater to the preferences of Muslim people.


A very popular halal set menu among Muslims


Nikouken halal gyoza (dumplings)


Typical Japanese food, teriyaki chicken


With Japanese food which “Nikouken” takes pride in, we are making a limited offer in recruiting franchise owners to develop the halal market overseas.

・Product appeal unique to a well-established store

・Customer-attracting know-how

・Ease of operation

Because “Nikouken” is a brand covered by the media on many occasions, it can offer a unique know-how.。




Let’s take the first step toward entering a new market together.


If you are interested in this business opportunity,

please contact us at sales@nikouken.co.jp


Advantages in becoming a “Nikouken” franchise owner

1.    Product appeal unique to a well-es

tablished store

We have a wide range of products including “Nikouken gyoza,” which is tremendously popular in Japan and whichalso receives endless inquiries from overseas. Also available are an abundance of items such as ramen, fried chicken and teriyaki chicken, as well as various set menus. Feedback has been received from Muslim people regarding all of our food products and based on their feedback and through trial and error, our flavor has been established. We have also received words of praise from many locals.

2.Customer-attracting know-how

Based on selection of suitable store location by staff knowledgeable with the local situation, property acquisition is facilitated, and reduction of fixed costs in opening a store is made possible. We will also provide advice for strategies in attracting customers.

3.Ease of operation

So that the taste of our food products does not fluctuate according to the chef, we have prepared easy-to-follow recipes. Two weeks is enough to acquire the preparation method for all items on our menu. An excellent training system has been prepared, enabling one to have a sense of security in the operation.


A halal set menu very popular among Muslim people

Let’s take the first step toward entering a new market together.

If you are interested in this business opportunity,

please contact us at sales@nikouken.co.jp