Written by Lala-san

For muslim women, getting a haircut in a salon is a difficult problem because we can’t take off our hijab in front of any man except family members. That’s why we need muslimah salon (salon which is specially designed for muslim women). Usually we cut our hair in muslimah salon when we go back to our own country.

But now, I am very thankful because Solpisca solves our problem! It’s my first time to go to a salon in Japan, and they served me very well! If a muslim women come to get a haircut, they will lock the salon to prevent any man from entering and cover the entrance so nobody can’t see the inside. They also use vegetable-derived shampoo so we don’t have to worry about the ingredients. I’m very happy with it! Thank you Solpisca ^^

muslimah salon 'Solpisca'
muslimah salon ‘Solpisca’

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