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Halal Wagyu Restaurant Review: Juliett in Nagoya!

Try their Halal Hida Beef Steak! Written by Dwinda Nafisah (Indonesian blogger, http://www.jengdwinda.tumblr.com) Having a piece of wagyu steak is something luxurious for Muslim living in Japan. It is not only due to its high price, but also its scarcity. Finding halal wagyu in Japan is not easy, especially in Chubu Area. To get halal wagyu, I have to go to the Japan tourism’s Golden Route such as Tokyo and Kyoto. It is such a long trip and takes much time since I am living in Mie Prefecture.

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Top5 Best-access restaurant on Halal Gourmet Japan(2016.1〜6)

Which restaurant is popular for Muslim? Best1 Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka (Shinjuku) https://www.halalgourmet.jp/restaurant/646 Many people access a page of Ramen Ouka not only on HGJ but also on HMJ. The reason that it is popular is they serve halal ramen. Ramen is ranked Top-10 of Japanese food foreigners want to eat. Ramen Ouka gives hospitality and so delicious ramen. Therefor many Muslim go to Ramen Ouka.

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Trip to Bandai Museum

Many our heros in Tochigi Written by Hafizah Khusni san My family and I went to Bandai Museum last week. Firstly, what is Bandai? To those who wonder, Bandai is a Japanese toys and video games making company as well as the producer for large number of plastic model kits. Bandai Museum displays approximately 35,000 pieces from its own collection of traditional Japanese toys, antique toys from around the world, Gundam collections and the precious Edison Collection, which consists of Thomas Edison’s inventions. The exhibition is open to general public.